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Eric Fiori is not a career politician. As a lifelong Marylander residing in Worcester County for over 20 years, a family man, and small business owner who was frustrated with county politics, he decided to take action and do something about it. 

If elected, Eric would focus on cohesion and accountability amongst the commissioners to obtain common goals in the best interest of Worcester County citizens.  

Hello, I am Eric Fiori and I would appreciate your vote and support as a candidate for Worcester County Commissioner District 3 and I approve this message. 

I am running for Worcester County Commissioner, District 3 because:

1. Effective leadership: Effective leaders possess skills necessary to collaborate with others to achieve common goals and prioritize things when needed.  With 25 years of management experience and 22 years as a business owner, I believe I will bring a unique skill set to the commissioners.  I will respect everyone’s opinion and channel compromise, while striving for the most positive outcome for all involved.  Internal conflict cannot be allowed to hinder progress.  A skilled manager can consider all opinions, weigh them equally with respect, and extract the best points for an optimal solution.  It would be my great honor to serve Worcester County.

2.  Sharpening Planning and Zoning:  I own EJF Real Estate LLC which is the entity that holds both of my boat dealership locations.  My boat dealerships reside on large parcels of commercial land which require many interactions with planning and zoning.  When I first began investing in property in early 2008, the leadership in the county were excited to see new business and eager to help with new growth.  As time went on, I have continued small commercial projects throughout the county, but this process has become increasingly difficult and frustrating at times. Commercial and residential growth is a key factor to increasing revenue and I want to put proper leadership in place that will be excited to work with new and growing businesses in Worcester County.  

3.  Love for the County:  I spent many summers down at the shore, but made Worcester County my home after college in 2000. I grew up on the Magothy River in Anne Arundel County with a love for the water and the beauty of our natural resources here in Maryland. Moving east to Worcester County allowed me to take in much of the beauty in this state.  I want to protect these natural resources as we live, work, and enjoy this county we call home.  Growth is inevitable, but controlled growth is a fiscal responsibility. With comprehensive rezoning plans on the horizon, I want to be a part of the next chapter in this crown jewel of Maryland. 

Sheri Conner Treasurer, Citizens for Eric Fiori  

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