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Eric Fiori Is a gem. Ever since our first business dealings over a decade ago, I am continually impressed with his accessibility, work ethic, vision, and leadership. His employees are friendly and helpful. He has always been fair, and the turnaround on dealings has been lightning fast. He is a problem solver. On more than one time of desperation he answered the phone, walked me through my problem, and saved me time, money, and from being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Thanks E! — Jeffrey Phillips

In a four-man race with no incumbent, this is a fascinating matchup with only one individual having elected office experience. Represented by Bud Church for the last 20 years, our choice to replace him is Eric Fiori, a local business owner, husband of a teacher and current parent to kids in the school system.

Fiori has demonstrated a depth of knowledge of the local issues during his campaign. When asked the three biggest facing the county currently, he listed “first responder funding, comprehensive rezoning and growth planning and educational funding.” On the topic of growth, he called it “inevitable, but controlled growth is a fiscal responsibility.” This demonstrates an understanding of the county and challenges facing it in the near future. When asked his views on the sports complex, he said he would have voted no because of the process the county led in selecting the proposed site and the numerous questions that remain unanswered today. His view seems to jive with the majority of citizens – support the sports complex as a general concept but oppose the chosen site and the process that led to it.

Though he does not have elected office or government experience, which is a negative, Fiori will bring a new energy and perspective to the commission in Snow Hill. He’s approachable and well-known to many in the district. There will be a learning curve, but he will rise to the challenge to represent well the West Ocean City-Berlin district.

— The Dispatch

I have known Eric for 15 years. He is an amazing business man with a vision unlike any other. He has continuously grown his multiple businesses. He has a kind heart and will drop everything to help someone in need. I am excited to endorse Eric for county commissioner. — Dr. Munna Garg

Eric Fiori has my vote for County Commissioner. Eric has the knowledge and experience to effectively represent us taxpaying citizens of Worcester County. He has been my friend and neighbor since 2010. I have watched as he expanded his primary business and successfully started new ones. His experience with the planning, permitting, and zoning process will prove valuable to Worcester County. His support for Worcester County schools, the Sheriff's Department, and EMS services align with county needs. I have confidence that Eric Fiori will prove to be a great County Commissioner. — Randal Brinker

Without a doubt, Eric Fiori is the most qualified candidate to run for Commissioner of District 3. Eric's well-known commitment to accountability for Worcester County will promote an atmosphere of openness, support, and development in the area. His honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into the community's problems and needs, and his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns, set him far apart from the other candidates' expected techniques and talk, and so I am writing today to express my support for his campaign and to spread the word to others of the value of his policies and abilities. If you are truly wanting to see a change in this county, by someone who is not only qualified but also honest, then let's succeed together by voting for Eric Fiori. — Kariane C

I am excited to endorse Eric Fiori as my future County Commissioner. Having met Eric 12 years ago I admire his nonstop energy for his family, businesses, and the community. Through business and personal interactions Eric is always willing to listen to all sides and consider the best option. His love of Worcester County shines through as he supports our local schools, seeks environmentally sound development with his businesses, and provides quality jobs to his employees. His natural drive to succeed extends to the whole community - in business and in life he wants us to succeed together. — Dawn Scher
Berlin, MD

I am a card-carrying Democrat and I do not live in District 3, but I do live in Worcester County and only want the best for our residents. This is why I support Eric Fiori for Commissioner of District 3. He is a family man, a successful business person, dedicated to his community, and an overall good person. Eric does not focus on what should be taken away from our schools, businesses, and communities; rather, he focuses on what he (and we) should give and do to support these areas. He talks about supporting our school systems by increasing funding and retaining the amazing teachers we have. He wants to make it easier for folks to open new businesses, which will help employ more of our residents. He talks about compromise and working with those he may not agree with and that is virtually unheard of anymore. I'm so glad he's running and looking out for ALL residents. — Leslie Donoghue

I have known Eric for the past 10 years and in that time he and his family have been wonderful friends and neighbors. Eric is always there to help when needed and I know if he’s elected he will work tirelessly to meet the needs of our community. — Jessica Tawes, Berlin
Special Education Advocate

Having had the opportunity to meet Eric many years ago when he was first starting out in business, it was evident he had the business sense and leadership skills to create a successful business. Fast forward 19 years and he has become an influential citizen in Worcester County, not only in building his successful businesses, but in the community as well. He is constantly volunteering his time, energy and funds to different causes that help this great county we call home. Eric is more than qualified to hold the leadership position of County Commissioner and we could use his knowledge and ideas as we move forward into the future. Take the time to get to know him and I believe you will agree with me, Worcester County could benefit greatly with Eric as a Commissioner. — Patrick Brady

I met Eric about 3 years ago when our daughters played together on a youth soccer team. At that time, I did not know that Eric was a successful business man in town because he never shared that with me. What I quickly realized was that Eric loves his family and will do anything for their benefit. I believe Eric will strive to make our county a better place for his family and mine. His vision, passion, and values make him the perfect candidate for us. That is why I am voting for Eric Fiori for County Commissioner! — Sean Davis
Pastor, Ocean City Baptist Church

Although I’m located across state lines in Delaware, I find myself the need to express why Eric is an excellent fit for office. Eric, myself, and our families have been friends and clients of each other’s businesses for over a decade. His managerial, ethical, and moral approach to reaching a common goal is remarkable. Not only does he have a formula to produce a solution, he doesn’t sleep until the job is done right the first time. I support his campaign knowing that he will not let you down in keeping his promises to the citizens of Worcester County Commissioner District 3. — John Aniunas
Owner- A Plus Marine Services, LLC

I may not live in District 3 but if I did, I can certainly say that my vote would be for Eric Fiori! He has proven to me over the years that he is a dedicated person that gives 110% towards all of his priorities in life. His priority now is to strengthen the cohesion of District 3 to best serve the community and take action that will result in effective change. He is a local man that wants to improve and ensure positive growth for Worcester County as a whole. His proven success as a business owner, while being a devoted father and husband has shown me that he possesses the attributes that will make him a great leader! — Christie Chmar
Registered Nurse

As Eric pointed out, "a skilled manager can consider all opinions, weigh them equally with respect, and extract the best points for an optimal solution." This is essentially the key to success for leading a county as well. As a business owner, I have learned how important these skills can be in order to reconcile various hurdles that can present themselves when involving multiple viewpoints. Eric will be able to lead with dignity, as he is considerate and respectful of everyone but will ultimately take actions that best serve the district. I have no doubt that he will make an exemplary commissioner for Worcester County! — Sam Chmar
Coastal Home Roofing

Being married to a business owner has been an eye opening experience to the roadblocks that can occur when in need of permitting. Eric not only sees this but has experienced this himself and has decided to draw a spotlight to these inequities. He is for the people of our county and wants to be of service. I am proud to give Eric Fiori my vote. -Allison Bescak Berlin, MD  — Allison Bescak
Teacher, Worcester Prep.

My husband and I have known Eric and his lovely family for more than 10 years. Eric is a tireless human being with incredible vision and determination. He is a master of the calculated risk, and if given the opportunity, would be an amazing leader for our growing community. —Preeti Yonker, MD West Ocean City — Preeti Yonker

From the moment I met Eric Fiori, nearly 15 years ago, I knew he was a special person. He runs an amazing business that has done nothing but grow since he took hold of it and he continues to expand and add businesses that help further Worcester County. A true renaissance man, Eric continually amazes me with his ability to relate to others, see the good in others and only want what’s best for others and his community. I’m proud to call him a friend and strongly endorse him for the County Commissioner!

Chesapeake Eye Center, D.O., FAOCO -- Todd Bescak

Berlin, MD 

— Todd Bescak

Eric demonstrates so many fine qualities that will make him an exceptional commissioner for our district. He has an excellent business sense which is essential for budgeting. He is skilled in managing people which is helpful when mediating differences of opinion. Most impotantly he is a devoted family man who will strive to make our community a better place for his family, his neighbors and his fellow citizens. His integrity is beyond reproach, a trait which is so important in today's political landscape.

Berlin, MD

Kozma Jewelers in West Ocean City

— Adrienne Kozma

Eric is a kind, generous, trustworthy, and an all around great guy. If you need help he doesn’t hesitate to do what is needed. He is a candidate that we need on our team in Worcester County. Eric is devoted to his work, family, and Worcester County. It’s a no brainer, VOTE for Eric Fiori! He’s the best guy for the job!  — Ashley & Cody Miller Berlin, MD

I have known Eric for over 10 years. He is an amazing and highly successful local businessman. I am excited to see him run for County Commissioner and to share his talents with our town. I have the utmost confidence in his ability to serve as he will bring new energy to help lead us forward. I can’t recommend Eric and his business and management acumen enough!

-Errin DePalma. DDS DePalma Dental Berlin 

Resident of West OC

— Errin DePalma

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